Riviera’s Maiden Call at Batumi

Riviera’s Maiden Call at Batumi

Elegant cruise ship Riviera has made its maiden call to Georgian port Batumi on 24 July 2014.  

That was a unique occasion for Batumi due to the ship’s size, 251 meters long.  

Nowadays Riviera is the biggest luxury passenger cruise ship called at Batumi ever.

Riviera visited Batumi as a part of her cruise “Black Sea Legends”, a ten day voyage starting from Istanbul, Turkey and ending in Pireus.  

There were 1166 passengers aboard, mainly from UK and US. Cruise ship arrived from Constanta and stayed in port till 22:00. 

Then Riviera departed to visit the Turkish port of Trabson.

As the first Black Sea cruise by Riviera was performed in 2013, the cruise line doesn’t stop discovering new destinations, such as Georgian port of Batumi.  

Riviera is a new ship that was launched in May 2012 and was quickly established as one of the most elegant options for the upscale audience.  

Batumi showed the utmost hospitality possible to please the guests from the cruise ship of this level.