Kerch - Ukraine

Kerch UA

Kerch Peninsula, located between the Azov and Black Seas, is known for its sunshine and warm sea. We invite you to be among the first to discover ancient Greek ruins, explore Turkish fortresses, and witness one of the most historic and diverse places in the world.

Kerch is listed among UNESCO’s Eternal Cities since it has always been alive with people and culture. Kerch is 26 centuries old and is the city of a huge variety of cultures and traditions. Most of the city’s history is linked with trade because of its position on the historically formed trading routes between Europe and Asia, the Great Silk Way. The city began with the foundation of a Greek colony, Panticapaeum, and dozens of settlements and necropolises. The Huns destroyed the Greek city in the 4th century, it became the center of a mighty Bosporus Kingdom in the 6th century and in the 15th century the Turks became to be the main political force. They built fortresses in Kerch and Yeni-Kale that can still be explored today. Kerch is fondly remembered for its heroic six-month stand against the Nazi forces during WW II. After the war many monuments were erected to celebrate this. There are also about 1,500 burial mounds resulting from the “eternal” history.