Durres – Albania

The Port of Durrës or Durrës Harbor is the largest port of Albania and handles about 90 percent of Albania's international-maritime traffic.
Located in the city of Durrës it is an artificial basin that is formed between two moles, with a west-northwesterly oriented entrance approximately 183 metres wide as it passes between the ends of the moles. The Port of Durrës is located at the north end of the Bay of Durrës, an extensive body of water between Kalaja e Turrës and Cape Durrës. Cape Durrës is located approximately 1.6 kilometres  west of the Port of Durrës.
The Port of Durrës has approximately 763 metres of alongside pier space on the West Mole and a fishing harbor lies at the north end of the East Mole. Several wrecks are located near the entrance channel to the Port of Durrës. The use of tugboats is compulsory in the Port of Durrës.