About us

INFLOT Worldwide Tours is the Black Sea shore excursion division of INFLOT World Wide Group, one of the oldest and most experienced shipping agencies globally. Our headquarters were based in Kiev, Ukraine and destination offices are located in every port of call. After the Events which happened in Crimea we moved our business to Europe and opened Adriatic Division which offers shore excursions in Montenegro and Albania.  Below you can see the summary of key distinguished features of INFLOT Worldwide Tours as a Tour Agent.

Our services:

• Shore Excursions
• Private Arrangements
• Gala Events
• Destination Consulting
• Inspection Trips.


To be the best choice for leading cruise and yacht lines in terms of shore excursion and destination services in the Adriatic Sea and Black Sea regions.


To provide first class shore excursion and destination services in the Adriatic Sea and Black Sea ports, always improving operational standards.

Core Values

• Flexibility and customer-based approach help us keep old and win new clients
• 100% reliability and safety ensure positive feedback from tourists
• Our clients deserve only the best and we strive to exceed their expectations
• There is always room for perfection, but we should be perfect.

Staff: Guides & Coordinators

To ensure compliance of services with the requirements of cruise lines, we
arrange trainings for the staff who will work directly with cruise guests:
- Guides using the following module programs: Cruise tourist guide
techniques and communication skills and In-Service Tourist Guides Excellence Courses.
- Tour Coordinators using the internal program based on 10-years
experiences in managing high volume of tourists, this course includes such
modules as service coordination, communication skills, health & safety.
Uniform. Cruise tourist guides, drivers and coordinators are dressed in


Our company has extensive experience in providing multi-port shore
excursion services. Please, have a look at what our customers say about
us. You can find feedback for 2008 – 2015 in the attachment.

Liability insurance

We offer the following limits (copy of the certificate is attached):
Commercial General Liability – 2 000 000 USD
Contingent Automobile Liability – 2 000 000 USD
Contingent Watercraft Liability – 2 000 000 USD
We confirm a possibility to add the cruise line as third party insured.

Safety management

In order to minimize risks and passenger’s complaints we use internally
developed safety management system. The attached manual contains staff
obligations, accountability and description of standard procedures.

Pricing & payment policy

Payment term – 30 days after shore excursion services
Providing low rates thanks to direct contracting with local suppliers:
buses, guides, museums and meal venues

Extra benefits

FREE Hospitality desk for 2 – 4 hours with city maps
FREE Staff Car for shore team of cruise ship
FREE WC entrance on all the tours

Our Partners