400-anniversary of Royal House of Romanovs

400-anniversary of Royal House of Romanovs

The topic of the Romanovs is of special interest for 2013, the year of the Royal House’s 400-th anniversary. Yalta, a favorite retreat of Russian tsars, owes a debt of gratitude to the Imperial Family for its development.

The growth of Yalta was triggered off by establishment of a large summer residence in Livadia, in the vicinity of Yalta, for Alexander II. At that time the first Livadia palace was erected, which was later replaced by residence of Nicholas II.

Besides Livadia Palace, there are other ones in Greater Yalta: grand (Massandra Palace) and smaller estates (Dulber, Haraks, Kichkine, and Yusupov Palace).

Yalta’s sea-front also tells the story of the Royal House. It includes St. Nicolas the Wonderworker Chapel (built in honor of the wedding of Nicholas II with Princess Alice) and the Monument to Romanovs (commemorating 90-year anniversary of departure of Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna and other alive members of the Royal Family to their forced immigration).

Not far from the sea-front is located St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built by donations of common people in memory of Alexander II. Construction project was approved by his son Alexander III, and finally, Nicholas II, his grandchild, was present at the opening ceremony. In such a way, this church is related not only to the names of three last emperors of Russia, but also to citizens of Yalta.

Two other sites connected with the Romanovs are Nikita Botanical Garden and Massandra Winery. The first was established by decree of Alexander I in June 1811. The latter was founded by Alexander III.